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Q²C is a full service web developer offering a wide range of online services. From custom website design to web marketing, we drive traffic. Need a logo design? We got that covered.  Online Branding? It starts with a name. We offer an extensive portfolio of premium domain names, giving you a competitive edge. Online marketing – our targeted audience generate new leads from visitors and social networks, while staying connected with your clients. Our website design include eCommerce, so you can now take orders online.. in addition to displaying images and adding videos to your website. Increase your web visibility with search engine optimization SEO, email marketing campaigns and content marketing. We are obsessed with optimizing online presence and making sure every last detail on your website receives the attention it requires.

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A website is one of the most essential investment for success. Development of a successful online destination is time consuming and understanding how to run a profitable website takes a lot of resources. This is where we come in. Q2C has been developing user friendly websites and enhancing user experience for 20 years. Our deep knowledge provides the perfect web solution for every need.

In the development process we include organic SEO, full CMS, responsive design and organic branding in all our organic website design. In a organic web development, the challenge is finding the balance between graphic arts and content with substance. Producing an appealing user experience, without jeopardizing search engine results.

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is the phrase used to describe processes to obtain a natural placement on organic search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s important to have a long term web marketing plan. We achieve organic search results with continuous content such as business news and updates.

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Using social networks, email campaigns and content management .. we craft narratives that resonate across all media channels.


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From developing a conversation strategy to creating the content and digital assets to encourage that conversation, Q2C creates measurable programs that engage.

When you are ready to dramatically expand your business, you need an effective online web development strategy. Q2C offers you an array of innovative web development services, ranging from apt marketing solutions to the best strategic consultation, complete with detailed periodic reports. We also help complicated sites do better. Q2C web developer is dedicated to delivering great results.

Q² Computers is a full service digital company with a passion for website design, performance and solutions that inspire curiosity.

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