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Q2C company is an American local Information Technology computer company & web developer nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. We’ve have over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience at your disposal. The focus of our work is combining visual identities with functional digital solutions for small and big clients. Together with our clients we identify and clarify core values to make relevant and tailored solutions.

Q2C company is growing offering the finest in cutting edge computer technology, graphic arts, advertising, website creation, web hosting, communications and more.

What does Q2C mean in business?

Today whether on mobile or desktop, every organization must be an active publisher of news, commentary, and “shareable” content. Our objective is to place you in the lead with content marketing.

The core competency of Q2C is the design, installation, and management of heterogeneous client-server environments. Frequently these engagements utilize the Internet and require a security component or a firewall. UNIX is often the operating system of choice although Q2C also works in other environments.

Q2C can provide fully or partially outsourced technical services for a client. We can provide any of the following: interoperability testing; LAN/WAN installation, upgrade, and/or implementation; hardware adds, moves, and/or changes; lab design; system OS installation, upgrade, and/or implementation, Internet connectivity and security; and general network troubleshooting and maintenance services.

Technical Services

Q2C leading-edge technical services include network design and installation, heterogeneous network integration, Internet Web server installation, firewalls and network security, UNIX system administration, and electronic commerce.

Q2C also has deep expertise in electronic mail, web site design, HTML, and CGI scripting. Network design, test lab development and robust system administration of multi-vendor networks are also provided.


Q2C Company is committed to creating lifetime bonds with its customers. We create this bond through continual interaction with customers to learn what their needs are. We provide a highly responsive account team to leave the client trained and ready to deliver to their own organizations. Assisting customers to help themselves is our goal.

Customers look to Q2C for solutions to technical problems or advice on process enhancement. Service, support, and a one-stop shop are the key factors in a client’s decision to sign on with Q2C. Please see our customer index for a partial list of clients, and email us at sales@q2c.com for more information.

Work Environment

One of our key objectives is to become the preeminent employer for the brightest and most valuable consultants in the industry. Q2C company retains its talent through generous base pay and liberal bonuses. We are committed to providing our team with great tools, great assignments, lavish praise, and challenge. We make it easy to procure the necessary tools to solve customers’ problems. Please see our consultant profile for more information about the kind of talent we recruit.

Q2C company main concerns are Electronic Commerce, Firewalls & Network Security, Network Design, Project Management, Internet Services and Integration.

Our objective and commitment is to keep you up and running with our extensive computer services with focus on common courtesy.

With over 20 years of experience .. we know sales.

Understanding the Sales Side of a Q2C Company: Streamlining the Path to Customer Satisfaction


In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking ways to improve their sales processes to enhance customer experience and drive revenue growth. One emerging approach gaining momentum is the adoption of Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) solutions. Q2C companies focus on streamlining the sales side of the business, encompassing the entire journey from generating a quote to receiving payment from the customer. In this article, we will explore the key functions and benefits of a Q2C company in optimizing the sales process and achieving customer satisfaction.

  1. Quoting and Pricing:

The quoting and pricing stage is a critical component of the sales process. A Q2C company utilizes advanced pricing and quoting tools to generate accurate, tailored quotes for customers. These tools incorporate pricing rules, discount structures, and product configurations, ensuring consistent and error-free quotes. This enables sales representatives to deliver timely and competitive quotes, increasing their chances of closing deals while maintaining profitability.

  1. Proposal Management:

Q2C companies excel in managing proposals efficiently. They provide a centralized platform where sales teams can collaborate, create, and customize proposals quickly. Integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, proposal management tools enable seamless data transfer, empowering sales representatives with up-to-date customer information. This enhances proposal personalization and increases the likelihood of successful conversions.

  1. Contract Lifecycle Management:

Managing contracts is a crucial aspect of the sales process. A Q2C company simplifies this by automating contract creation, negotiation, and approval workflows. By standardizing contract templates and enforcing compliance, Q2C solutions reduce errors, eliminate bottlenecks, and accelerate contract cycles. Contract lifecycle management ensures transparency and mitigates risks, providing a secure foundation for sales operations.

  1. Order Management and Fulfillment:

Once a deal is closed, efficient order management and fulfillment are vital to customer satisfaction. Q2C companies leverage automation and integration capabilities to seamlessly process and track orders. They enable real-time inventory visibility, allowing sales teams to provide accurate delivery dates and manage customer expectations effectively. Streamlining order management and fulfillment ensures prompt delivery and enhances the overall customer experience.

  1. Revenue Recognition and Invoicing:

A Q2C company simplifies the complex task of revenue recognition and invoicing. By integrating with financial systems, they automate the generation and tracking of invoices, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery. Additionally, Q2C solutions facilitate revenue recognition compliance by adhering to accounting standards and providing robust auditing capabilities. This ensures transparency in financial transactions and contributes to a strong financial foundation.

  1. Analytics and Reporting:

To optimize sales strategies and identify areas for improvement, Q2C companies leverage data analytics and reporting tools. They capture and analyze sales data across the entire sales cycle, offering valuable insights into customer behavior, revenue trends, and sales team performance. Armed with these insights, businesses can make data-driven decisions, refine their sales strategies, and maximize revenue generation.

Benefits of a Q2C Company:

Adopting a Q2C approach offers numerous benefits to businesses:

  1. Improved Efficiency: By automating manual tasks and reducing paperwork, Q2C companies eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate sales cycles, enabling sales teams to focus on building customer relationships and closing deals.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Q2C solutions enable personalized and streamlined sales processes, ensuring timely responses, accurate quotes, and efficient order management. This enhances customer satisfaction and builds long-term loyalty.
  3. Increased Sales Revenue: By providing sales representatives with accurate and competitive quotes, real-time data, and efficient order management tools, Q2C companies increase the chances of closing deals and driving revenue growth.
  4. Reduced Errors and Risks: Q2C solutions enforce standardization, compliance, and error checking throughout the sales process, minimizing the chances of errors and reducing risks associated with manual data entry and contract management.
  1. Scalability and Flexibility: Q2C companies offer scalable solutions that can accommodate growing businesses and evolving sales strategies. These solutions can be customized to fit specific industry requirements, allowing businesses to adapt to changing market dynamics and seize new opportunities.
  2. Data-Driven Decision Making: With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, Q2C companies provide valuable insights into sales performance, customer preferences, and revenue trends. This data-driven approach enables businesses to make informed decisions, refine their sales strategies, and optimize their processes for maximum efficiency.
  3. Integration and Collaboration: Q2C solutions seamlessly integrate with existing CRM, financial, and inventory management systems, fostering collaboration across departments. This enables smooth data flow and promotes cross-functional alignment, leading to improved communication, better coordination, and enhanced overall efficiency.


In the modern business landscape, streamlining the sales side of operations has become increasingly crucial for companies to drive revenue growth and maintain a competitive edge. Adopting a Q2C approach empowers businesses to optimize their sales processes from quoting and pricing to contract management, order fulfillment, and revenue recognition. By leveraging automation, integration, and data analytics, Q2C companies enhance efficiency, customer experience, and sales revenue. They reduce errors, mitigate risks, and provide valuable insights for data-driven decision making. As businesses strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences and achieve sustainable growth, embracing the capabilities of a Q2C company is a strategic step towards success in the evolving marketplace.

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